A Rose For My Birthday

by T. Mack

roseMy birthday is Monday and I’m celebrating this weekend. I’m blowing my savings by heading out of state on a road trip with my friends. This weekend is all about indulging myself. In honor of that theme, I’ve decided to embrace my latest obsession. I want not a dozen, but a single rose for my birthday. Ruby Rose, that is.

RR19 RR17

RR16This model and actress is bringing gender fluidity to the forefront and making it look good. She is blazing a trail and leaving loads of drooling masses and broken hearts of every gender and sexual preference in her wake. Some people know her from her media work or modeling for cosmetics and other companies. Most recently, she has been spotted shaking things up on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. I don’t care if she’s wearing a dress or a suit, high heels or boots, or if she’s blonde or brunette (though I prefer the latter), this lady is gorgeous. And I just can’t seem to get enough of her. RR3 RR5 RR20Happy Birthday to Me!

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