Star Wars: The Force Awakens Boycott

By: Dani

I have never seen a Star Wars movie. I have never gotten excited when a new installment was announced. I have never even batted an eyelash when a new movie hit theaters. I get that Star Wars is a pop culture giant and that most people have seen at least one movie. But I haven’t. Star Wars has never factored into my life in any way. Until now.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is “causing controversy” because they cast a lead character that is black and a lead character that is female. Yeah, you read that right. This is being considered CONTROVERSIAL! As a white female that is in an interracial relationship and has a biracial daughter, let me tell you how this now causes Star Wars to overlap into my life. There are a group of ignorant, racist white people that are calling for everyone to boycott this movie because they claim that it promotes an “anti-white” mentality and even calls for a “white genocide.” I can’t even wrap my mind around this. It is so ludicrous that part of me wants to laugh and part of me wants to cry. I could post some screenshots of the hateful tweets but that does nothing to help the problem, so just take my word for it and know that there are some really mean, dumb people in the world. People that my child must grow up with. People that I must do my best to shield her from for as long as I can. People that have nothing better to do than boycott a movie because they didn’t see enough actors on screen that looked like them.

We have all seen the negativity in the news lately, and we all know that there is a giant elephant (racism and sexism) sitting in the room. These issues must be discussed, analyzed, and dealt with now. As a society, we have to say this is enough. We are done with living in a world so full of hate. But sometimes we all just want an escape. That’s why we do things like check out a new television show, go see a movie, pick up a good book, and poke around on the internet. But these people are trying to take that away, too. Star Wars should be something people are able to get excited about seeing. They should not have to defend their love of the franchise. Where do we draw the line? Do we just let mean-spirited people dictate the way our society interacts with one another? No, we don’t. We tell those people to shut-up and sit down. I know everyone wants to be quick to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I disagree. The people behind stunts like this are trolls. They get off on causing animosity. And regardless of whether you believe this group of trolls is entitled to their own opinion or not, I think we can all agree that we sure as hell don’t have to listen to them.

We try to keep things fun and light here at SisterGeeks and I don’t want to dampen our mood, but I just can’t let something like this slide by without calling out the idiots behind it. So if you are one of the ones (and I highly doubt a SisterGeeks reader would be someone like this) that has expressed a dissatisfaction with the Star Wars movie simply because there is a black man and a woman in leading roles, I am calling you out. I am telling you to shut-up and sit down. You are wrong. You need to get your life together and stop hatin’. Because the rest of us are over it. The world is moving on. People of color and women are just as important as the old white men that you are idolizing. We’re equals. Get it? It’s not a hard concept. Take a minute, let it sink in that YOU are now the minority, and then get your shit together and let’s go see Star Wars. Because I will be seeing this movie. I will be supporting the decision to cast these actors in these roles. And I will be posting again after I see it to tell all of the haters that the world didn’t end.

What do you think of the #BoycottStarWarsVII group? Will you see the movie? Did this DUMB hashtag make you even more determined to see it?

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