10 Reasons We Love… THE CROW

By Ana

The Crow Poster

Every now and then, we at Sister Geeks like to either watch or re-watch the “cult classics” so that we can get teary eyed with our fellow geeksters or educate the young ones on how they “just don’t make ‘em like they used to.”
In this article, I chose to celebrate a movie that my guy friends insisted was a “must watch” and I have to admit, they were right…The Crow is a movie that echoes the power and beauty of undying love (with some bloody revenge mixed in for good measure of course).

The main plot, without giving too much away, is that Eric and Shelly are two lovers about to be married when they are brutally murdered by a group of thugs.  After their deaths, Eric’s soul is resurrected as a black crow who seeks revenge for the rape and killing of his lost love Shelly.

Although the movie was released in 1994, it is definitely one of those films that you can watch again and again with some appreciation.  So without further ado, here are some “hearty” (see what I did there) reasons why you should love The Crow.  These are in no particular order 😉

1)    Children’s voice overs are always captivating. 

When the little girl Sarah speaks in the beginning of the movie to explain about the magic of love, I couldn’t help but sit extra still to listen.  It’s funny how such a quiet voice can have such a powerful impact.  Other movies this brought to mind was The Enchantress in The Never Ending Story and the song called “Cry Little Sister” (which has a chorus of children’s voices) from the movie Lost Boys.


2)    Full of a time capsule of 90’s fashion and pop culture goodies. 

You know you miss them-the thick lip liner, torn fishnet stalkings with white athletic socks, puffy shirts, and of course rock music (do you know how excited I got when Stone Temple Pilots came on the radio in the bad guys’ car?  Squeeee!!!

Here are some examples of 90’s fashions in pictures from the movie and also is a link to a video of the unplugged version of Stone Temple Pilot’s song Big Empty J

long hair guy

3) Ok, there’s no tip toeing around it, Brandon Lee is obviously the main reason for watching this movie.  (RIP). 

His moves can’t help but mirror those of his martial arts expert father, also deceased, Bruce Lee.  Particularly cool and iconic scenes?  When he runs from roof top to roof top in the beginning of the movie (he practically glides on air), he dangles from a broken window (the arm strength is pretty impressive), and lastly when he catches a knife with his bare hands (think about how many movies and tv shows have copied that scene since then).

Brandon Lee as The Crow

4)    The crow special effects.

Although the special effects aren’t advanced by today’s standards, they are definitely impressive for that time period.  The bird looks realistic as it flies in the night air.

5)    Being dark and brooding is cool.

The main character Eric is understandably tortured by the passing of his girlfriend-and that’s okay because it’s sexy.  Dark, messy hair-check.  Muscles and leather like pants-check.  Tough guy moves-what’s not to love?  Yes, the clown makeup is a little off putting, but cut the guy some slack, his lady died right before Halloween.

6)    The bad guys. 

There’s something to be said about the bad guys from 1990’s movies.  From an analytical standpoint, it’s interesting how the characteristics of bad guys have changed.  They used to be dumb, sometimes ugly, wild, and social outcast types.  Now, they’re more like clever, handsome, and sociopaths.  Hmmm is this a reflection of the evolution of today’s society?  Or just more overly layered writing?

7)    The 1990’s police officer. 

Okay, how could I not have talked about this before???? Actor Ernie Hudson as the gruff cop with a heart of gold.  If you love Ghostbusters, how could you not want to see him in this too?

Ernie Hudson

8)    1990’s blood and gore.

There are of course cheesy fake eye balls, wounded limbs, and roof top fountains gushing blood.  The 1990’s didn’t have CGI special effects, so they relied on lots of makeup and fake blood to make their point.  Still very awesome to look back and observe.

9)    Drugs are bad for you kids. 

There are two anti-drug messages in this movie that make me wonder if the script was trying to balance the violence with a drug free zone.  One is Sarah’s mom who is a heroin addict-Eric heavily scolds her for her actions-and the other is the police officer Ernie Hudson’s chain smoking ways.  Eric scolds him too, telling him that cigarettes can kill him.

10)    Paying homage to the actor. 

Most people know that actor Brandon Lee died during the filming of this movie.  I knew that, but had never seen his work.  Now, I’m glad I did.  I can’t help but think that watching an actor who met an unfortunate demise is a way of tipping your hat to them and saying “You did it buddy, you became the role.”  Other examples to honor and pay homage to: actors Robin Williams and Heath Ledger.  RIP guys, you were good at your craft.

Let’s get the mood back up again-for your enjoyment, I’ve got some tidbits below.

Trailer for The Crow:

Trailer for The Never Ending Story:

Trailer for Lost Boys:

Cry Little Sister Song from Lost Boys:

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