Geek Chic: Whovian Swag          

by Jennifer

If you talk to any Whovian, he or she will gladly recount the episode that hooked them (“The Unquiet Dead” – Series 1 of New Who), but another fun aspect of being a Whovian is the swag that comes with the ship. My car has a TARDIS decal, my desk features a TARDIS of its own, and my husband and I both own Doctor Who shirts. With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I would peruse Etsy for some excellent Doctor Who items perfect for any Whovian.

We Do Geek Aluminum Wall Sign Plaque

KomaisOhMyGeorge Takei recently featured this sign on his Facebook page and I heard the orders went through the roof! If your family is awash in all things geek or you’re at least aspiring to expose your young Padawans to your ships, this wall plaque can help remind them of the rules of a geek household. Artist Kerry Komai is local to the Huntsville area so you will be shopping local, which is always a bonus!

Watercolor Gallifreyan Art

RaygunsandRobotsThis 11” x 17” print features the name of the Doctor in Gallifreyan, with a layer of splattered watercolor paint over it. This is a lovely piece that can be easily framed, as it is a standard size, and can help take the fandom to a new level with its unique look. This print would be perfect for any Whovian’s favorite space.

Custom Gallifreyan Name Necklace

OldTimeyWimeyStuffIf you ever want to see your name written in the Doctor’s native language, Gallifreyan, I know of several sites that will generate the symbol that is your given name. You can take that to the next level with this custom made necklace in either copper or nickel silver. Send shop owner Sarah your name and she will create a pendant just for you! I have been salivating over this little gem for a while now. Perhaps this Christmas I can finally get one?

Custom Gallifreyan Decal

MonogramGeekI’m a big fan of decals for my car. Since I drive a nondescript minivan, it helps to inject some personality into my mom mobile by decorating it with my ships. These vinyl decals can be cut with your name in Gallifreyan and are perfect for your vehicle or laptop or coffee tumbler. The shop features a multitude of sizes and colors for this one so you can customize just about anything with your (or a special Whovian’s) name.