By T. Mack

The dreary, cooler weather of early Fall makes me want to reconnect with one of my favorite literary heroines. These scarves help me do just that when I don’t have the time to dive back into the classic book.

jane scarf 2

The days grow gray and cooler here. The sky is overcast and there is a nearly constant drizzle of light rain. Soon, the trees will blaze with color and the dark of night will creep in before the day’s work is done. The Fall has arrived. And while everyone else is tripping over themselves to get their hands on the latest pumpkin-flavored atrocity, I feel the urge to curl up in soft sweats with a hot, ginger tea and rediscover my love for the English literature classics.

autumn rain on leaves

My favorite is Jane Eyre. I just want to sit with her and Rochester and escape. But my life is too hectic for that. I’m constantly running to work, appointments, the grocery store and all over town for those never-ending errands that only Mama seems to be able to get done. And when I’m home, there is always something that needs doing. I can’t just curl up on the couch. Have you seen that kitchen sink? And the laundry… Oh, the laundry!

So instead of hunkering down to read, I give Jane a longing glance as she sits on my bookshelf. Then I hurry along, grabbing my coat, my scarf and my screaming son as I bustle out the door. But lately, I’ve been longing to be reconnected with Jane and show my love for her. Then I found these! And I realized there is a way to be connected to Jane, even when I’m on the run.

These scarves litter Etsy, but three in particular caught my eye. Each one has it’s own charm and I’m still trying to decide which to purchase… first.

jane scarf 1 jane scarf 1.2This one from neenacreates is fantastically casual. With a short, recognizable quote and an elegant silhouette, this is just totally my style.

jane scarf 3 jane glovesThis infinity piece by storiarts is elegant and seems suitable for a slightly dressier day. I dig the pages of text that invite conversation and offer something to read while I’m standing in the grocery line. Bonus: the shop also offers a set of gloves that are unique and super-cool.

jane scarf 2UniversalZone offers this infinity scarf, which stands out for showcasing the title and illustration in addition to text. So with the right positioning, people won’t have to wonder what book I’m wearing. They already know. It’s a great way to represent for Bronte’s classic work.

All these scarves make the coming cold a bit easier to bear. And they’ll help me be more stylish through the cold seasons. Check out these shops to see what titles they offer that you may not be able to resist.

Take to the comments. Tell me what book you go back to again and again. Do you represent your literary tastes on your clothes? Tell me about it below.

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