By Jen P

Foreverwars is an Etsy shop full of fun, geeky surprises. There’s no way I could share them all with you, so I’ll highlight a few of my favorites. I’ll be focusing on the pillow covers, but most of the designs can also be purchased as t-shirts or handbags. Some even come on cell phone cases, shower curtains, and other items, so check out the shop if you want more.

First of all, this shop is chock full of Star Wars designs. I want them all!!! But here are a few of my favorites with links to the product page when you click the image.

Star Wars 1 Star Wars 2Star Wars 3 Star Wars 4

Seriously though, would those not make the most precious apartment or nursery décor?!?!? I’m dying! I want them all!

Now what about other fandoms? Foreverwars may have what you’re looking for!


Beauty Pillow Maleficent Pillow Mermaid Pillow Up Pillow

Studio Ghibli:

Ponyo Pillow

World of Warcraft:

WOW Pillow


Zelda Pillow

Doctor Who:

Whovian Pillow

And my personal favorite, Guardians of the Galaxy:

Guardians Pillow

So head on over to Foreverwars and see if they have anything you like. I bet you’ll find something to suit your particular flavor of geek. Happy shopping!

Each Wednesday, we introduce you fashionable geeks to a new Etsy item or seller, so keep checking back and let us know what you think of our favorite items in the comments below.

Later Geeks!

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