10 Reasons We Love… LEGEND (1985)

By Jen P

top photo

1.Tom Cruise is f***ing adorable as Jack!

tom cruise - Legend - 01

2.Freakin’ fairies- sexy ones too.

legend fairy and unicorn 1


And unicorns!!!

legend fairy and unicorn 2

3.Honeythorn Gump is a freaky little dude (who’s actually voice-dubbed by a lady). Watching this when I was younger, I had no idea it was dubbed. I just thought he was a real-life oddity.


4.And Tim Curry as the devil, aka Darkness. (Ridley saw Tim in The Rocky Horror Picture show and simply had to have him play the part. And a good thing too- Darkness was so creepy, he haunted my nightmares for years, and so did Curry’s other famous roles as Stephen King’s IT and the “sweet transvestite” from Rocky Horry Picture Show.)


5.Evil is Evil

evil is evil

(EWW! That bitch is nasty!)

And Good is Good

good is good


There’s no flippity-floppity like we do in movies these days.

6.Mia Sara is absolutely gorgeous as Princess Lili…

lili light

And even moreso when she goes goth-bride for Darkness.

Lili dark

7.Speaking of beauty, at the time, Legend had the largest makeup crew to have ever worked on a single film- garnering praise from critics and movie-goers alike. Here’s a glimpse at some of the amazing work they did:

makeup crewdarkness 2

8.Dissatisfied with the idea of turning a book into a movie, Ridley Scott hired a novelist, William Hjortsberg, to write the Legend fairytale from scratch, and the two of them went through 15 script revisions before they were satisfied.

Ridley ScottHjortsberg-William

9.The entire film is shot on a sound stage- the sets built from the ground up- including 60 ft trees, with trunks 30 ft in diameter. Then the stage burned down during the last few days of filming and had to be partially rebuilt on an existing forest scene to wrap. In other words, a ton of work went into this:

legend sets

and this:

beautiful 2

and this:


10.The soundtrack!!! Did you know there were 2 versions? The first, by Jerry Goldsmith, is the one you’ll find if you try and buy the DVD today. The second, was by German electronic artists, Tangerine Dream, and is much harder to come by. Originally, Scott ditched the Goldsmith version for the American release because he didn’t think it would appeal to our audiences as well as a harder, more electronic sound (typical of the 80s). But when the film was restored for re-release, he went back to the original version.

“Loved by the Sun”- Tangerine Dream

“Is Your Love Strong Enough” – Bryan Ferry

And if you’d like to hear the Jerry Goldsmith score, here’s a great playlist:


I’ve since tried to find “Loved by the Sun” on iTunes and it isn’t available. Talk about frustrating! At least we have the YouTube version. For now.

What do you think? Have you seen it? Do you love it? Let us know in the comments section!

Later, Geeks!

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