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television9I will admit this show was completely under my radar. But when T. Mack thought I might like it, I decided to give it a shot. She wasn’t wrong. Strange Empire: No Man’s Land has many things to offer, although sadly I will disclose upfront that to my knowledge the show has been cancelled after only one season. I know what you’re thinking… well then why in the world should I watch it??? Well, in my mind, you should watch it because it quite simply is an interesting and entertaining story to watch.

PosterStrangeEmpireStrange Empire: No Man’s Land is a TV show that takes place in Western Canada in the year 1800. A group of women are forced to fend for themselves in a forsaken town when all of the men are murdered in their camp. Some become prostitutes, others cooks or bartenders, and one lady even becomes the town doctor. The man who forces them into their unfortunate situation is named Slaughter. Although he is ruthless and seems all but devoid of a soul, we come to learn that he is a man who started out as innocent and then was pushed to his limits. I don’t want to discourage men from watching this show. There is certainly a fair share of cowboy shoot-outs, fist fights, and love scenes that I think will appeal to the male audience as well. I would say that maybe this is a good couple’s show, meaning that it’s a good compromise between a cowboy and his missus (see what I did there?)

Group1I would like to share one idea that came to me from the show as I was watching it-and those have seen this can tell me if they agree…in a weird way, it reminded me of Firefly. Are there spaceships on this TV show? No, but there are some similarities. Hear me out. Of course there’s the western setting and clothes, that’s a given. However, this show carries the same sense of a world of hopelessness where most of the human race as they know it have given up. The audience, like in Firefly, is presented with a small group of people that are determined, against all odds, to survive in a cold and unfeeling world. While the main character, Katherine Loving, would be comparable to Captain Malcolm in that they both protect their people from the villains in a strange world, Dr. Rebecca Blithely is comparable to Kaylee and Slaughter is comparable to Jayne Cobb.

Rebecca Although Katherine Loving is meant to be the main character of this show, she wasn’t my favorite. Her storyline is moving-she searches for her husband whom she assumes is deceased with the other men, but she is unable to find his body. No, certainly Dr. Rebecca Blithely and Slaughter were my favorites and here is why. I don’t think this will give away too much of the show-but walk carefully ahead for SPOILERS just in case. Rebecca (played by Melissa Farman-it is freaky how much she looks like Cobie Smulders who played Robin on How I Met Your Mother) and Captain Jon Slaughter (played by Aaron Poole) just act really well together. He is this guy that is pretty much the devil and she has the innocence of a child, so of course you want to see them interact. Still, both ironically have certain characteristics that the other contains. At one point, Rebecca even says to Katherine Loving, “You, me, and Jon Slaughter are all cut from the same cloth.” Although Rebecca is an innocent, she is also incredibly smart. She was raised most of her life in an insane asylum (I was so disappointed that we didn’t get to see flashbacks of that), but was eventually taken into the care of her adopted parents who taught her about the medical profession. In fact, it is her curiosity about the medical profession that drives her to be a doctor in Jon Slaughter’s house and fuels her morbidity.   Jon, who is drawn to innocence, decides to take her under his wing.

SlaughterSince the show is only two seasons long, I can’t reveal too much else without giving away every plot line there was, so let me tell you who this show is made for and who it isn’t made for. If you’re looking for a neat and tidy ending all wrapped up in a bow, you would be sorely disappointed by this show. There is one big incident that happens that I didn’t like in season 2 and also it ends with a cliff hanger. Admittedly, I think this show was more geared for a female audience, but I don’t think that means men won’t like it. Slaughter and the Sheriff are two interesting male characters. You will like it if you’re looking for something that isn’t terribly long to watch, since it’s only two seasons, and if you want a little bit of something different to watch, since it’s a western with a twist on feminism. I wouldn’t say this is the best show on earth, but admittedly, I did binge watch it so it does contain a level of attraction. If I had to rate this show on a five star rating, I would give it three.

3-out-of-5If you’re curious to watch Strange Empire: No Man’s Land, both seasons are available to stream on Netflix. Here’s a trailer below. Enjoy! Then take to the comments and let me know if you’ve watched Strange Empire. What did you think of the show? If you haven’t seen it, does it seem like the kind of thing you’d enjoy? Tell me why.

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  1. Hi all! I’d just like to apologize for an error in my writing of this article-actually it was just one season that aired. Special thanks to Marci T. House for spotting it and thank you very much for checking out our site!


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