By: Dani

Am I the only one ready for November 20th?? Clearly, I’m not considering that a new Mockingjay: Part 2 trailer has been released and it’s trending! This trailer is quite a bit different than what we typically see of The Hunger Games trilogy. There is not fighting or action. Instead, it features a reminiscent Katniss reminding herself why everything started to begin with. PrimRose. Katniss volunteered as tribute to save her sister from having to do it. The goal of the entire story has been to save Prim. Now, I may have my issues with the third book…and those will definitely be made known AFTER the final movie has come out. We don’t believe in spoilers here at SisterGeeks! Nonetheless, I am still just as excited to go see the final movie in a couple months. TO get even more in the mood for the final installment, head over to Youtube and check out all of the trailers that have been released! Tickets will be available for pre-order 7 weeks before the movie is released, so be sure to get yours early if you want to be there opening night!

What do you think of the new trailer? Are you excited for the movie?? Will you be there opening night?

2 thoughts on “Geek News: NEW ‘MOCKINGJAY PART 2’ TRAILER

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