By T. Mack

anticipating treatsRecently, a comment by one of our blogging buddies, VINNIEH, reminded me that it’s been a while since I threw any treats onto the front page of our site. If you’ve been here before, you probably know that we love to look at pretty celebrities and bask in their consuming beauty and sexual magnetism. It’s fun! And since we’ve not done it in a while, we’re going to right now!

I picked three different flavors to ogle today so there would be something for a broad array of tastes. Go ahead and click the link to continue reading. Don’t be afraid. I kept it PG… well, maybe PG-13. You won’t get fired for looking at it. Just make sure your boss isn’t standing directly behind you. You should be fine. Go ahead. Click. You know you want to.

We love Chrises around here… Hemsworth, Pratt, Evans. But I realized there’s one we haven’t drooled over yet. I’m fixing that now!

1.1 PineJust… DAMN! You know, I have a friend who doesn’t like blue eyes on guys. I will say with confidence that she is just wrong. I don’t care at all that it’s a genetic mutation. I absolutely love that beautiful freakish feature.

1.2 PineSeriously, there is nothing like a good-looking man in a good-looking suit. Don’t you just want to eat him up? I certainly do.

1.4 PineI’ve never wanted to be a bench seat before. Now I do. I really, REALLY do.

1.3 PineAnd can we PLEASE talk about these glasses? Mmmm… mmmm… MMMM! GEEKY IS THE NEW SEXY, PEOPLE!!!

It’s okay if pasty and pretty is not what you get into. If you like something a bit darker, gruffer, rougher and slightly more alternative, here’s something for you.

2.3 MomoaLet’s address these eyebrows for a second. Normally, I’m into eyes, but there is something about these eyebrows that makes them more sexy than his eyes. Amazingly, I don’t mind that I can’t see his eyes under all that eyebrow action. It’s almost like he’s looking at the world with his eyebrows.

2.1 MomoaIt’s as if his eyebrows can see straight into my soul! I hope what he sees there is the woman he never knew he always wanted.

2.5 MomoaThe brows have a softer side, though. See? They don’t always have to be super-intense. But speaking of intense…

2.2 MomoaThat body. YAAAAAASSSS!!!

This woman, in my humble and accurate opinion, is absolutely one of the most gorgeous women in the universe. Whether she’s blue, green, brown, purple, pink or yellow. It doesn’t matter! She is “I’m-straight-but-will-totally-and-absolutely-make-an-exception-or-just-switch-altogether” beautiful.

3.3 SaldanaSee? Perfectly pure gorgeous!

3.6 Saldana So cute when she’s fun and flirty.

3.7 SaldanaThen there are the times when cute is not anywhere close to being the right word to describe this exotic beauty. She’s frakkin’ HOT!

Zoe SaldanaJust… YES.

Two Points of Note:

1) I wasn’t going to show a body shot of Zoe. Really, I wasn’t. But then I included a photo of Jason with his pectorals all on display. And since Sister Geeks is all about equal opportunity ogling, I had to show Zoe in some form of undress just to keep things equal and fair.

2) I am aware that the people I objectify here on our site are real people with husbands, wives and beautiful little children. But I can’t talk about how cute someone’s kids are and ogle them at the same time! I have to choose one or the other. I choose to ogle.

What do you think of today’s treats? Anything especially sweet for you? Who’s your favorite eye-candy? Hit the comments and let me know.

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