Two New Comic Series Bring Fresh GIRL POWER!

By T. Mack


Dark Horse Comics and Marvel Comics have both announced brand new comic series that will feature young, bad-ass, butt-kicking female heroes. And I am SO STINKING EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!

Dark Horse Comics’ newest superhero team is Zodiac Starforce. The team is made of a group of adolescent, female a–kickers who save the world while trying to keep their grades up. I’m super-excited about this series, which has been described as “Sailor Moon meets Buffy meets Lumberjanes!” Besides that amazing description, there are several reasons to be pumped about this new team.

  1. The team is completely female. Obviously, on a site named “Sistergeeks” you can understand why we would get excited about a thing like that. GIRL POWER!!! #WomanUp
  2. The ladies are young. The superheroes in this series are still in school, which is awesome because it offers something for young, female geeks to gravitate towards. I often think there is too much focus given to young people on what they can accomplish later in life. But those young people need to hear and know that they are able to make a difference NOW. I’m hoping at least one young woman will pick up this series and see that. Wouldn’t that just be amazing?!
  3. The team is DIVERSE, both racially and physically. This team of girls includes several different races and completely unique looks. None of them look the same at all. This is so great! It means that more young women will be able to pick up the comic book and find themselves in the pages. YAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!
  4. The creators skip the origin story! I know what you’re thinking. “There has to be an origin story. There is always an origin story.” Well, prepare to have your mind blown because this time there is not. When the series begins, the girls have already succeeded in defeating the bad guys. The team has disbanded and they are attempting to get back to their normal lives. That’s where it STARTS!


I’m so totally excited about how refreshing this series promises to be. I have been waiting weeks to get my hands on this comic. I’ll be picking up my copy of Zodiac Starforce #1 as soon as the comic book store doors open on Tuesday, August 26th when it’s scheduled for release. Read more on the series and check out TheMarySue’s interview with the series creators, Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau right here.

Marvel Comics is also bringing a new young lady who will be a fresh change from the norm. Meet Lunella Lafayette, a preteen genius who is facing the fearful prospect of becoming an Inhuman. Lunella, a.k.a. Moon Girl, will team up with a revived version of Devil Dinosaur, from Jack Kirby’s 1978 series, Devil Dinosaur. In that comic series, the red T-Rex was teamed with a young caveman named Moon-Boy, who is expected to make a cameo appearance at some point in the new series. This go-round, the dino has made his way to the modern-day and unfortunately, has brought some undesirable characters with him. He teams up with his new friend, Moon Girl, as they work together to take down the threat.

Moon Girl

This series, like the other, is exciting for what it offers to young, female readers. Lunella is even younger than the Starforce ladies and her superpower is her brain! Of course, it will help that she has a full-sized dinosaur on her side to make up for her lack of brawn. But the point still stands. And can we talk for a minute about how adorable and non-sexualized this girl is? IT’S AWESOME! No release date has been set for this new series yet. However, I am eagerly awaiting more news and updates.


Read more about this new series and see the interview with creators, Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare, right here.

What do you think of these new comic series? Let me know in comments. 

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