By T. Mack


Grr! Aargh! tshirt by Etsy shop, BRANDED.

I am a Whedonite! I say it loud, I say it proud. I totally love Joss Whedon, the Whedon-verse and all its characters. In case you’re not clear on the run-down, this includes–but is not limited to–Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog. They are all wonderful!

I am completely enamored with everything Joss Whedon touches. This includes movies, tv, internet and comics. Yes, all of it! As a super-fan, I am quite familiar with Mutant Enemy, Joss’ production company. Created in 1996 to produce Buffy, the company has since had a hand in all Whedon’s endeavors. The end credit logo for the company was thrown together quickly but has since become iconic among the fandom. It is totally adorable and instantly brings a smile to any Whedonite’s face. Check it out in action here:

This shirt by Etsy shop, BRANDED, wonderfully represents the logo and the fandom. Wearing one would be an awesome way to support Whedon and identify yourself to other like-minded fans. Be warned, though… If I see you in one of these on the street, I might just walk up and give you a hug.


Grr! Aargh! tshirt by Etsy shop, BRANDED.

Head over to BRANDED’s page to order this shirt. And while you’re there, check out more great stuff from the shop.



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