By Jen P

Life After Theft


Jeff is the new kid at a fancy private school in California. Plucked from Arizona without his consent, he isn’t happy about the change. But when he meets Kimberlee, he realizes there are much worse things than uniforms and douchey jocks on campus. Kim’s a ghost, and not only that, she’s a queen B who had a bad case of kleptomania before she bit it… and she needs Jeff’s help to return all the goods before she can move on. What sucks even more is that Jeff’s the only one who can see her, so if he ever wants to take a shower in private again, he’ll have to help the bitch.

What I liked:

Life After Theft was an easy read, with characters I cared about and a plot that wound just enough to keep me interested. I blasted through it in one night, depriving myself of precious sleep hours I’ll never get back. Was it worth it? Probably not. But for one night, I was highly entertained.

What I didn’t like:

The characters weren’t 100% realistic- the boy seemed a little too sappy to me, (but hey, it’s fantasy, I didn’t mind all that much); Kim was so unapologetic in her evil, it was hard to root for her redemption; Serafina (the love interest) was too quick to forgive when Jeff does her wrong towards the end. Little things like that. That being said, I still enjoyed the read.

Should you read Life After Theft?

If you like YA stories, paranormal stories, or a teensy bit of romance, definitely! But I wouldn’t pay the full $17 cover price. Honestly, I found my copy at Dollar Tree, and I’d say, dollar well spent. I’ll probably read this book again. Check your local library, or if your local Dollar Tree is still carrying Life After Theft by the time you read this, drop the cash and enjoy!

Special Extras:

If you do decide to read Life After Theft, there’s a deleted scene online you can check out here.

And here’s a random song with “ghosts” in the title… just because it’s awesome:

You’re welcome.

Have anything to add about Life After Theft or Aprilynne Pike? Let me know in the comments below.

Later, Geeks!

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