By T. Mack

UAvsAU I’m from Alabama. Around here, the sport of choice for many most people is football. When the Fall comes around, the crowds become seas of crimson/white and orange/blue as far as the eye can see. But what about those of us who aren’t sports fanatics? Those sports jerseys are cool, but what if we want to show love for Austin over Auburn? What if we love Adams more than Alabama? What should we do? UAvsAU_friends

Fortunately for us, has us covered. With jersey-inspired t-shirts that celebrate literary legends instead of sports heroes, we now have a great way to fit in and stand out when the season rolls around. Check out a few of the site’s offerings below, then hop over to their site to get yours. Each shirt is $24.95 and ships from New Jersey.

NOVEL-T_Austen  NOVEL-T_Poe NOVEL-T_ShakespeareNOVEL-T_PrynneNOVEL-T_Adams  NOVEL-T_Vonnegut

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