By T. Mack


Geek News is hopping these days! Here are a few of the top headlines:

1. Channing Tatum is officially signed on for Gambit

Rumors abounded last week that Channing Tatum might be leaving the upcoming Gambit film, scheduled to start shooting in October and due for release October 2016. Those rumors have been squashed and it’s official that the Magic Mike XXL star will play definitely play the cajun mutant. (See more here)

2. Lady Gaga’s character in American Horror Story: Hotel has been revealed

Mother Monster will play Elizabeth, the owner of the ominous, titular hotel. She has sinister plans that will be revealed early and play out over the course of the season. (see more here)

3. Ben Affleck may reign as Batman longer than we thought

It’s old news that Ben Affleck has been handed the reigns to the Bat-franchise. He will write and direct the next upcoming Batman movie. Information is now surfacing that he may be granted a full Batrilogy with 3 films to flesh out his interpretation of the character. (see more here)

4. Prepare for another Prison Break

FOX is bringing back Prison Break, complete with the original brothers, played by Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. The series is to be a limited run, much like the revived X-Files, though at this time, few other details are known. (see more here)

5. Bill Hader heads to Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Hader will play the precinct’s new captain following Captain Holt’s exit of the position at the end of last season. (see more here)

6. Madame Masque is the main villain in Season 2 of Agent Carter

The character, typically pitted against Iron Man, will be remade to fit in the 1940’s Hollywood era where the show’s second season will be placed. (see more here)

7. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is getting a movie

The film will star a new character played by the adorable, wonderful, lovable Kristen Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies). (check out more and read the film synopsis here)

8. Fantastic Four reviews are in and it doesn’t look good

Reviews for the new Fantastic Four film are pouring in and there is a definite theme emerging. Basically, almost everyone hates this film. Things are so bad that the films director, Josh Trank, is attempting to distance himself from the horrendous end result of the film. He’s blaming the studio for the way the apparent train-wreck turned out. (see more here, here, here or here)

Finally, here’s one to bring your weekend to an awesome start…

9. The Deadpool trailer is here!

After a blurry version of the Deadpool trailer was leaked at SDCC a few weeks ago, 20th Century Fox stood their ground and refused to release the high-quality version early. Good for you, FOX! This week, the time finally came for us to receive the full trailer (both green and red band versions) in all it’s hilarious glory. To see the tamer version, click right here. To check out the full-on, R-rated goodness of the red band trailer, just scroll down.

What geek news are you excited about this week? Let us know in the comments below. 

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