10 Reasons We Love… TMNT 2012 TV SERIES

By Jen P


1. The new theme song is really fun to sing along with:

2. Splinter looks more badass than he’s ever looked before:


3. The villains are awesome, as always.

Ranging from classic:

classic villain

… to “I don’t know wtf I’m looking at right now”:

villains wtf am i looking at

4. The writers don’t treat the viewers like idiots.

finish stories

They tie up loose ends! When Leo’s voice had to be changed from Jason Biggs to Seth Green, they actually gave us an explanation! Albeit, a crazy, ridiculous one that had something to do with an injury and some exposure to rank mutagen, but hey, what’s not crazy and ridiculous about anthropomorphic turtle ninjas? Amiright?

5. Speaking of Leonardo, he’ll always be my favorite! ❤


Just look at that determination. His hero struggle is enough motivation to watch all on its own, and the constant head-butting with Raph makes for great entertainment.

6. The show has awesome cameos by big actors, and makes regular references to the original version.

Napoleon Bonafrog, voiced by Napoleon Dynamite himself, Jon Heder:


And when Raph’s pet turtle, Spike, *SPOILER* mutated into Slash, the creators got Corey Feldman, the voice of Donatello from the 80’s movies to voice this sweet pet gone bad:

spike 2

And don’t you miss these guys? *SPOILER* Look for them in an alternate dimension when the boys cross through dimension X:


7. The jokes are actually funny!

8. And the shows within the show are pretty hilarious in their badness too!

9. Ice cream kitty, and other failed mutations.

ice cream kitty

Should I cuddle it or should I eat it? This poor creature is adorable and delicious.

10. And finally, the voice talents:

voice cast 1

I mentioned earlier some of the cameos and the voice changes during the show, but the regular talent is awesome too. From veteran character actors to big screen stars, the main dudes are awesome! Sean Astin (pictured above) lends his voice to Raphael. Currently, Seth Green voices Leonardo. Rob Paulsen (Look him up. He’s in pretty much every cartoon you’ve ever watched.) voices Donatello. Greg Cipes (Beast Boy Teen Titans, Kevin Levin Ben 10) voices Michelangelo. And Mae Whitman (Tinkerbell, The Duff) voices April.

Just so you know, I’m only naming a few. The name dropping could go on and on, but you get the point.

In conclusion, if you’re a TMNT fan, this show is definitely worth checking out. I only wish Michael Bay had taken a few notes before destroying my childhood on the big screen again. *sigh* *tear*

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Later, Geeks!

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