Jen’s Top 10 Shows To Binge-Watch This Summer (Part 2!)

by Jen P

Only 10 must-watch shows? Screw that! Check out my first top 10 here, and now I’ve collected some more for ya:

1. Hemlock Grove

hemlock grove

Starting off my list with a bang! Hemlock Grove is some disturbing programming, and not for the weak of heart (or stomach). It’s the tale of two oddly matched friends, the wealthy Roman and the gypsy Peter, who learn they are to become mortal supernatural enemies. And the town is even more screwed up than they are. Eli Roth, known for writing and directing Cabin Fever and Hostel, does his usual thing and freaks us right the hell out in these hour-long Netflix episodes. Prepare to be mind fucked.

2. Teen Titans


Funny, cute, entertaining. I watched each episode waiting to see what new hero or villain would be introduced that week, teaching me a new respect for characters like Cyborg and Raven whom I’d never even heard of before then. We all had to start somewhere!

3. X-Files


David Duchovny, why don’t you love me?

Starting one of my first crushes, and one that was very hard to break, the X Files is one of the best shows that ever graced our televisions. Sure it got weird and unwatchable way down the line, but early episodes are definitely worth a rewatch. And who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy those freaky later seasons now that you’re all grown up.

4. Heroes


What would happen if ordinary people suddenly became something more? Hurry up and find out before the continuation of the series airs this fall! I’m crossing my fingers for the return of the cheerleader and maybe even a little Sylar, but I guess we’ll see if Hayden Penettierre and Zachary Quinto could get away from their busy schedules to do this reboot.

5. Being Human


Watch the full series to its bittersweet conclusion on Netflix and you won’t be sorry. And yes, I’m talking about the American version. I guess I’ll be binge watching the British version while you catch up on this one.

6. Supernatural


Yes, I know it’s still on TV, but there’s plenty to watch now before you set your dvr for next season! Follow Dean and Sam on their hunt for all the things that go bump in the night. Season one is absolutely terrifying, but season two becomes closer to what the show is today- hokey freaky fun! Oh, and watch out for Jensen Ackles’s dreaminess as Dean. It’ll suck you in before you realize it. I even wrote a whole 10 Reasons article about it here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

7. American Horror Story


I’ve never been so freaked out by a TV show as I was by AHS season one. I couldn’t even watch season two because insane asylums give me the hibby-jibbies, but if you can get over your own fears and take a look, this series is insanely well acted and thought out. Enjoy the nightmares!

8. True Blood


Vampires, shifters, weres, fairies (yes, evil fairies), and more are all ready to gobble you up in the twisted town of Bon Temps. And I dare you not to fall in love with naughty Viking vampire Eric Northman. But the story is really about Sookie Stackhouse and her mindreading “curse”. Watch all seven seasons to their gory conclusion and get your fill of gelatinous gore for the year.

9. The Witches of East End


This is the tale of witches in the town of East End and all they come up against. Season one introduces us to the beautiful Freya, who is in love with two men, but has been warned that one is evil and one is good. All signs point to the sweet Dash, but she can’t deny her attraction to his brother, Killian. Boy, if we all had these problems… And while Freya deals with sexy dilemmas, her bookish sister, Ingrid could become the most powerful witch of all time. The romance, the danger, the epic hotness of the cast… what’s not to love?

10. How I Met Your Mother


Not necessarily a geek show, but a show about a bunch of geeky people trying to find, keep, and make love in New York. I never understood the hype until I watched a couple of random reruns and found myself relating to each of the characters in different ways. The series paints a perfect picture of our generation, and will probably stand true for a while. Have a watch and enjoy!

And if you’re into really weird shit, here are a few more:

Princess TuTu

Princess TuTu

Beautiful, strange, and sad. Get your girlie fix with this one, but it’s so much more than that.

Adventure Time


So many hidden vaginas!! Take a shot every time you see a vagina. Let me know how that goes in the comment thread below. (*Note: Please do not actually take a shot every time you see a vagina. You’ll die. And I can’t be liable for that, much less have it on my conscience.*)

Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux

I can’t even begin to tell you WTF is going on in this cartoon. It’s worth a watch though, even if only for late-night discussions in the comment thread.

What do you think? Have I sold you on something new? Let me know in the comments below.

Later, Geeks!

6 thoughts on “Jen’s Top 10 Shows To Binge-Watch This Summer (Part 2!)

  1. FX’s semi-improv show lures you into the elusive world of NFL fantasy drafting as Mark Duplass, Nick Kroll, Stephen Rannassizzi, Katie Aselton and Paul Scheer deliver some serious bro humor. While this may sound like a turn off, it’s actually quite inclusive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Then you’ve got to try some of the others! I’d also suggest the new Scream on MTV if you like the horror aspect of True Blood, but unless you’ve dvr’d it already, you’ll have to wait a while to start that one 🙂


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