Geek News: Grace Helbig & Hannah Hart Are ‘Electra Woman & Dyna Girl’

By T. Mack

EWDG 2015

YouTube sensations Grace Helbig (The Grace Helbig Show) and Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen) have taken their fame far beyond the online network.They have become true celebrities known for their books, television appearances (Grace has her own talk show on E!), their association with other well-known pop-culture icons and their various comedy projects. 


The latest such project for the ladies is a remake of the 1970’s show, Electra Woman & Dyna Girl. This will reboot the female superhero show that was originally a parody of the 60’s Batman. Helbig and Hart’s show will pick up where the other program left off as the crime-fighting duo leave Akron to try and make it big in Los Angeles. The trouble is, they run into opposition with other heroes as well as infighting between themselves.

EWDG original

Helbig and Hart have been teasing this project for some time while keeping the nature of it under wraps. Several months ago, it was finally announced. Earlier this month, the duo attended San Diego Comic Con to promote their new series, which is a collaboration with Legendary Digital Media. This week at VidCon, they released the first trailer for the new show. Check it out below.

Are you a fan of Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart? Will you check out their new series? Have you ever heard of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl before and if so, what do you think of this remake? Let me know in the comments. 

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