TOO MANY MARVEL MOVIES? My Take + an Awesome ‘Fangirls’ Video

by T. Mack

marvelI am committed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even with its ever-expanding scope and growing roster of heroes, I maintain my excitement for it. I’m determined to remain in the loop where the films are concerned and committed to be in the know regarding how the films connect with television and the comic universe.

Some of my stead-fastness comes from a desire to support a movie studio that, in my opinion, is doing their films well and developing a connected universe in the best possible way. Another part of me simply wants to maintain my geeky status by being able to participate in current pop-culture conversation and debate. Lastly, I just like superheroes and superhero movies.

With that being said, however, I can see where people who are less predisposed to love all things superhero might find themselves getting burned out. There has already been two phases of the MCU spanning the last 7 years and the momentum is not set to slow down any time before 2020. Over the course of the next four years, there are no less than nine Marvel superhero movies scheduled that will introduce at least 7 new characters. On top of that, DC is just gearing up their universe, which has at least 8 movies of its own to come. Then there are the superhero films that are outside either official universe but still have superheroes (I’m looking at you X-Men Apocolypse, Gambit and Wolverine III).

I completely get it if people feel like it’s too much. I understand those who want to stand up and say, “Enough!” Really I do. But there are certain things for those folks to consider before throwing in the towel on the superhero super-fad. I’ll let the following video explain:

Which side do you fall on? Do you still love the superhero genre? Are you looking forward to all the Marvel, DC and other hero-centered films scheduled to come out in the next five years? Or are you over the whole thing? Do you think it’s all overkill? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “TOO MANY MARVEL MOVIES? My Take + an Awesome ‘Fangirls’ Video

  1. I love it and I am pretty much that girl! But like you, I completely understand the burnout people are experiencing. I am already suffering from MCU withdrawal since the next movie is not coming out til next year and I don’t know if Fantastic Four is going to do it for me.

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