By: Dani


Seriously, how adorable are these Sailor Moon inspired wine glass charms? TheWarpZoneStore on Etsy offers these precious little gems. They are handmade with swarovski crystal elements and glass seed beads, which just screams high-quality! They are offered in a variety of styles and come in sets of five. Coming in under $20 makes these super affordable, too!


These are the perfect gifts for not only the anime fan you know but also for anyone that wants to be reminded of the good old days of Cartoon Network. The days when you get home from school just in time to watch Toonami. I cannot even explain how obsessed with Sailor Moon I was still am. These little charms offer me a way to bring my inner child into the adult world. Geeky and sophisticated at the same time! My wine nights will be so much more awesome with these decorating my glass!

They even have some that are 3D! Check these out! These are a bit pricier but totally worth it!

sailormooncharms3Be sure to check out TheWarpZoneStore to get your own set of any of the above wine charms as well as view everything else (including more wine charms with different themes!) that have to offer!

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