COMIC CON NEWS: 2020 ‘Green Lantern’ Movie is Actually ‘Green Lantern Corps’

By T. Mack

The 2020 Green Lantern movie has been a hot topic lately . Rumors have abounded about possible casting choices and the likelihood that the film will contain more than one iteration of the main Green Lantern character. Today at SDCC, Warner Bros confirmed many of our suspicions by officially announcing that what we thought would be a film called Green Lantern will actually be a movie titled Green Lantern Corps. This is great news! It allows us to look forward to something that promises to be completely different from the disastrous 2011 film that starred Ryan Reynolds.

According to, the announcement was accompanied by an image containing multiple Earth GLs.  No official casting information accompanied today’s news, though. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes and ears open for continuing developments. Personally, I’m still hoping that Tyrese doesn’t end up on the cast list. After all, I sat through that 2011 movie. For that alone, I think I deserve a better John Stewart than Tyrese Gibson. Just saying!


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