By Suzanne

This Wednesday, Disney launched a Star Wars app on Google Play and iTunes. This free app gives you your weather with a Star Wars theme, lets you take selfies with characters, share reaction gifs with friends, play with classic quotes on a soundboard, and much more. One of the modes is an augmented reality tool where you use your phone’s camera to “see” characters in your surrounding environment and have friends pose with them. There is also a force trainer game that you play by holding your phone as if it were a lightsaber and using it to hit targets.  Included with the app of course is the ability to watch the trailers for The Force Awakens and receive news updates about the movie. However, the app overall does not feel gimmicky or promotional.

The menus and operation of the app are very polished, and the light side/dark side/droid themes are slick. This is a very well-made app with some fun tools in its belt. It’s hard to beat an entertaining free app, so why not try it for yourself? Check out the app trailer below.

Get the Star Wars app on Google Play or iTunes.

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