‘Doctor Who’ Season 9 Trailer Should Cause Excitement. Doesn’t.

By: T. Mack

In the coming months, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman will return as The Doctor and Clara for Doctor Who‘s Season 9. They will be joined by Michelle Gomez as Missy, the female incarnation of The Master. This new season’s first trailer hit the internet yesterday. In true Doctor Who fashion, there were glimpses of monsters, danger, creepiness and much darkness. I was prepared to be excited. Then I wasn’t. At all. Even a little.

I got to the end of the trailer and realized that nothing about it had made me the least bit eager to watch. I was not happy to see Peter Capaldi’s grumpy face with his slightly overgrown mane making him look like a lunatic. Seeing Clara did not give me a thrill as honestly, I feel she should have taken a bow last season. Missy was interesting for a time during season 8, but I am not of the opinion that she will be a positive addition moving forward. More Daleks… of course. The Zygons are back… Okay. A new threat looks sufficiently creepy. That’s about it. At best, the trailer made me apathetic to what’s coming up. At worst, it made me slightly repelled and unconvinced I want to bother watching.

Coleman and Gomez on site during Season 9 shooting.

In recent conversation with my Whovian friends, I found I’m not alone in my waning interest of the 51-yr-old sci-fi program. While we consider ourselves die-hard fans, we all feel that there is a lack of magic between Capaldi’s Doctor and Coleman’s Clara. The melodrama that played out during season 8 between Clara, her non-companion boyfriend and the jealous, father-figure-Doctor tried our patience and left us feeling bored and disconnected from the fun atmosphere the program usually brings. I know one family that includes two parents and five children who regularly dress in Doctor Who themes whenever they have an excuse to do so. But nearly that entire family gave up on last season all together. There was only one who managed to stick with it, and in the end she wasn’t happy she did. I doubt this is an isolated incident.

Months ago, there were reports that the show runners promised a return to the more light-hearted, adventuring spirit of the show in the next season. The word on the street is that they will move away from the more adult themes that made season 8 feel like such a drag. Time will tell if this will happen. I think it might. The problem, though, is I also think it might be too late. When the kids won’t watch the show and the adults aren’t geeked up about it anymore, the whole franchise could be in serious trouble. Here’s hoping it will all turn around. Maybe this season will surprise us and we can all fall in love with The Doctor and his companions again.

Check out the trailer below then hit the comments section. Are you excited about Season 9? Do you love Clara? Do you adore Missy? Do you think Capaldi is the best Doctor ever? Did this trailer get you pumped? Or have you found that your excitement level is a bit low as well? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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