By T. Mack

We were recently introduced to our newest Spider-Man, Tom Holland, who will appear in next year’s Captain America: Civil War and kick off the third recent Spider-Man franchise with his own movie in 2017. Variety and The Hollywood Reporter both report that Marisa Tomei is in final talks to become the new web-slinger’s iconic care-giver, Aunt May. And The Guardian reports that some people are less than happy about the casting choice.

Traditionally, Peter Parker’s Aunt May has been depicted as an elderly, white-haired matron. This has been rue in most of the comics and all of the films. While I’m all for respecting origin stories and canon I have to say that I don’t think it’s a completely bad thing to bring the character’s age down. While some people are calling this casting choice age-ism in Hollywood, I think it might just make a bit more sense and keep the story simpler. After all, this new Spider-Man is 19. Marisa Tomei is 50. She is the correct age to be his aunt. And truth be told, there are some versions of the comics where Aunt May has been Tomei’s age.

One thing that I notice is that no one is denying the actress’ skill. She is a fine performer. So why not give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she will do a good job in the role and can play it well however it needs to be played within the new film? I get that change is hard. But of all the negative changes that movies make to source material, this is not one I’m prepared to get bent out of shape about.

Although all reports seem to agree that Tomei is currently the front-runner for the character, they do not have the same cohesion about when we will first see her as the character. While Variety tells us that she will not appear in Captain America: Civil War with her nephew, The Hollywood Reporter says just the opposite. Time will tell who has this info right.

What do you think? Is Tomei too young and hot to be Aunt May? Let us know in the comments.

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