By Suzanne

Minecraft Wallpaper - Creepers Gonna Creep, A Minecraft Creeper Wallpaper

Minecraft, although it looks primitive to outsiders, has been giving gamers a unique world-building experience since 2009. Every time I think this game is losing relevance, there’s new content and I realize my nephews (and maybe millions of others) are still playing. Helping contribute to the game’s ongoing success is Minecon. The con is where new ideas for the game make their debut and gamers get a taste for unique additions and exciting content in the coming year. At least 10,000 people will be attending this year’s London conference from July 4-5th to show Let’s Play panels, future plans for the game, and features that are about to unroll.

As of July 1st, Minecraft has updated console gamers with world-modifying tools, new block types, and game difficulty and weather settings. However, this is nothing compared to the great reveal Microsoft had for the game at E3 this year:

Hololens truly looks like the next step in at-home gaming, and one can only hope that it works as seamlessly and as beautifully as it does in the demo. This would be the perfect tool to bring a simplistic, building-based game like Minecraft into the future. Hopefully, it could bring console and PC games to a whole new level that gives gamers the interactivity and personal touch that only real-life, tabletop games have provided thus far. Maybe Minecon will answer more of our questions and show us what this new development can really do.

How do you think Hololens will play out in real-world gaming, and how (if at all) will it change Minecraft? Sound off in the comments.

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