Geek News: ALANA DE LA GARZA IS BACK ON MY TV THIS FALL! (“Yay!” & “Squeee!”)

By T. Mack

My heart broke back in May when news hit that one of my favorite new shows of the 2014-15 season would not receive renewal. I was slightly (or possibly a lot more than slightly) devastated to learn that there would be no more Forever, the CBS show about an immortal man and his quest to understand his condition. But the TV gods have now sent a gift for the Fall to help soothe the pain of loss. Her name is Alana De La Garza!

Forever followed the immortal Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) as he worked as a medical examiner, helping solve murders in NYC while attempting to figure out the key and cause of his own “special” condition. Dr. Morgan worked with Detective Jo Martinez (De La Garza) and lived with his son, Abraham (Judd Hirsch) who had out-aged him but was still his best friend and confidante. The show was good. It was well-written and well-acted and funny and mysterious and really quite a lot of fun. The cancellation blindsided me as I was really expecting a renewal and very much looked forward to the second season when I was sure Jo would finally know Henry’s secret. I was also eager to see more of Gruffudd and De La Garza in my weekly TV rotation. Then my hopes were dashed and I resigned myself to missing them both next season.

Today, though, I have renewed joy. While Forever really is gone and I will still miss Gruffudd’s sexy and distinguished British stuffiness, we received the news yesterday that De La Garza will be back on CBS as a recurring character on Scorpion. Yassssssssss! This is so super-exciting because Scorpion was another one of my favorite new shows of last year (there were four). This show is “inspired by” (which is code for being a complete farce of truth that is only technically based on) real-life genius Walter O’Brien and his team of almost-equally-genius problem solvers. Deadline reports that the actress will play the new head of Homeland Security who gives Cabe (Robert Patrick) back the job he was demoted from in the first season finale. Her character will be the one that puts the entire Scorpion team back together and back on Homeland Security payroll. I look forward to all the drama that will ensue.

Scorpion returns with new episodes Mondays this Fall on CBS. The new season premiers September 21st. Will you be watching? I certainly will. Hit the comments. Tell me what new shows you loved last season and what you’re looking forward to this Fall.

*In case you were really curious, the four fresh shows that I fell in love with during the 2014-15 season were, in no specified order: 1) Forever; 2) Scorpion, 3) Flash and 4) Empire.

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