10 Reasons We Love…VERONICA MARS

By: Dani

VMcover1. Girl Badass-ery– Okay, is that a real word? No. But it totally describes Veronica Mars and the kind of girl she was to a “T.” If you haven’t already noticed, we love girl power here at SisterGeeks so it would only make sense that this be the number one reason we love Veronica Mars. She took down all of the bad guys and always had a witty one-liner to add insult to injury while she was doing it.

2. MYSTERY– I cannot even express how much I love a good old-fashioned whodunnit! It started with Scooby-Doo and Nancy Drew as a child and thankfully, as an adult I got to keep it going with a grown up version of Nancy Drew. Veronica worked as an assistant to her P.I. father, which means pretty much every episode offered another case to be solved. But the best part was that in addition to the “case of the week,” there were always bigger mysteries that she was also working on that usually lasted the entire season. In all honesty, Veronica was pretty much living my dream life-minus all the horrible things that happen to her along the way.

3. RelationshipsVeronica Mars was built around the relationships of the characters, which meant they were always complex, drama-filled, and intense. Whether it be a love triangle, issues with her bestie, or problems with the parentals, Veronica always had some drama. And the “marshmallows” loved it! We cheered when things were good, suffered when things were bad, and got restless if things were calm for too long (like more than two episodes!).

4. Cult Classic– I love when shows that didn’t get the exposure and recognition they deserved end up becoming big successes in the form of cult classics. Veronica Mars didn’t get the viewership or high ratings it deserved when it was originally airing, but it gained a following after going off the air and became one of those lucky few that are able to be called “cult classics.” Sometimes being cancelled can be the best thing for a show, although I am not saying I was happy it got cancelled!

veronica-mars-20145. Kickstarter– The last point brings me into this reason we love Veronica Mars. The fans wanted a movie, so they paid for one!! How insane is that?!? The movie version of Veronica Mars became (at the time) the greatest Kickstarter success ever seen. Over $2 million was donated to fund the filming of a movie set 10 years after the end of the show so we could all find out what happened to our favorite teen detective. And the movie delivered on the promise of bringing back as many familiar faces as possible and living up to the high standard the show set.

6. Neptune, CaliforniaVeronica Mars was set in Neptune, California, which was a fictional Southern California town. There was great scenery, sprawling mansions, and sunny beaches. This made it the ideal location for girls like me (stuck in Alabama dreaming about living in a town like this), and although it wasn’t a real town, it allowed us to fantasize about how amazing life must be living in So-Cal. Not to mention that all of those beach shots offered us plenty of chances to see some of the male eye candy shirtless!

7. Kristen Bell– This list would not be complete without including the Kristen Bell herself. She played Veronica Mars better than anyone else could have. She is so likeable while also seeming like she can turn on the uber-bitch if she needs to put an 09er in their place. I imagine there is quite a bit of Veronica in Kristen and vice versa. Did I mention she is married to Dax Shepard and he is just as hilarious?? Can you imagine hanging out with them together?? Seriously, I want her to be my BFF. In my head…she already is.

cconvm8. Charisma Carpenter– If you know anything about me so far, then you know I really love Buffy and Angel (in particular, I adore Cordelia!), so throwing Charisma Carpenter into the show is literally the best thing ever to me! It’s like Rob Thomas asked himself ‘How can I possibly make this show any better for Dani?’ and then BAM! He realized he had to add in Carpenter. So thanks Rob Thomas, I really felt my heart soar when I saw how much you cared. Btw, his name is ‘Rob Thomas’…my favorite band is Matchbox Twenty. One word. Fate.

9. Keith Mars– Was it just me or did anyone else wish Keith Mars was their Dad? He let Veronica work in his P.I. office, work cases however she pleased (and even if he didn’t want her to do something and she did it anyway, he always got over it pretty quickly), threatened the sheriff anytime Veronica got picked up by the cops, let boyfriends stay over while simultaneously threatening to take them out if need be, and went away on work trips leaving Veronica at home by herself. Pretty much best scenario ever for a teenager. He was also an amazing dad that made up for the fact that Veronica’s mom walked out. Talk about quite an awesome father-daughter duo.

10. MusicVeronica Mars had some of the best musical moments during the run of the show. The theme song, “We used to be friends” was a perfect intro for the show. It was so distinct. There were even some pretty spectacular karaoke scenes on the show featuring Veronica singing Spice Girls and Blondie. Each pivotal moment of the show was always accented by the perfect song. The show has music from everyone from Hall and Oates to Dean Martin to Al Green to lesser-known alternative bands. There was nothing off-limits if it fit within the confines of the storyline. Maybe Rob Thomas’ musical background factored into how important music was for the show.

Are you a “marshmallow”? Did I miss anything on the list? What’s your top reason for loving Veronica Mars? Let me know in the comments!

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