By: T. Mack

Robin Williams’ tragic death by suicide shocked the world last year and prompted new conversations and awareness about depression and the nightmare life can be for those who suffer from it. In the months that have followed his death, we fans have been gifted with some of the actor’s final film performances. This week, the trailer for his last dramatic movie, Boulevard, was released.

The beloved actor still had four films in post-production when he died. Two have already been released: A Merry Friggin’ Christmas and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb both came to theaters during the holiday season of 2014. Two films remain. One is a comedy called Absolutely Anything, which is about a man who is granted the power to make anything happen. In that movie, Williams voices a talking dog, the canine companion of the main character.

Williams next-to-last film, Boulevard, comes to theaters July 17th. This is the last movie that will star the actor onscreen. It is also his final dramatic role. In the film, Williams plays Nolan, an average man with a boring job and marriage. His world begins to change, though, after a chance encounter with a young man named Leo. From all indications, the movie looks to be a wonderful swan song for the versatile actor, showcasing his range and talent. Check out the trailer for this movie below:

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