By T. Mack

The success of Disney’s Maleficent in 2014  helped fuel the live-action-remake-machine that is working around the clock at that studio to recycle a whole host of animated successes from the past. Maleficent made Disney more than $750 million worldwide in box office sales alone. So naturally, it’s time to re-milk the cash cow.

Deadline reports that Linda Woolverton has been hired to writer the script for the sequel. And while Angelina Jolie is not yet confirmed to reprise her role, the idea is definitely for her to do so. The script is being written with the idea that she will return. Jolie was quoted last June at a press conference in China as saying that she enjoyed the role and that perhaps she would get the chance to play her again.

However, the actress also has a reputation for refusing to re-play the same character in sequels. She has turned down lucrative offers before. She may do the same this time, though I honestly doubt it. I would be genuinely surprised if Disney could not find the right number to throw at Ms. Jolie to get her to put the horns back on.

As of yet, a director has not be connected to the film. Robert Stromberg directed the first, but no word yet on whether he’s coming back, either. We’ll keep you posted as details become available.

Did you see Maleficent? Do you think it should have a sequel? Why or why not? Do you believe Jolie will return? Let us know in the comments.

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