By Suzanne

https://i0.wp.com/culturemob.com/wp-content/uploads/the-steam-summer-sale-.jpgPC Gamers know Steam as the place to go for the best deals on games. Now the Steam Summer Sale 2015 is here and there are so many reasons to rejoice.

1. Getting hyped on the first day
Your bank account shudders, but the memes are fueling your excitement for sweet, sweet deals on all the games you’ve wanted for the past year.

Shhh. It’ll all be over soon.

2. Gifting your friends half of their wishlist for less than $5

Really, Daniel? You wanted Sparkle 2 but couldn’t spare the 74 cents?

Please say this means I can skip giving you a birthday gift.

3. Getting newly excited every morning to see what the daily deals are

And then immediately realizing you’re about to buy half of them when you haven’t even finished the games you bought from the winter sale

Just take it, Steam. I knew you were coming. It was never mine anyway.

4. Having a legitimate excuse to stay inside

When everyone else is outside sweating like crazy and “enjoying their summer”, you can relish your dozens of new games in the precious A/C

It’s like a crisp ocean breeze.

5. Playing the in-Steam game for bonus content


J/k. I suck at this game.

6. Buying “joke” games that you would “never normally play”

But secretly you wanted them all year and now you’re addicted. You have to set your status to “offline” the rest of the week because you’re embarrassed that your friends might see you playing If My Heart Had Wings and Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle.

What? I love Mahjong.

7. Adding tons of games to your wishlist in hopes that someone will buy them for you

Bonus points if you do this with games you’re on the fence about so that you won’t feel like you wasted money when they sit in your library for another year.

You know you’re never going to play all these.

8. Logging in to see what new stuff your friends are playing

Really, William? You just bought Skyrim? It’s 2015, let’s get with the program.

I’ve played this game for over 400 hours, I don’t even know what advice I could give you other than “say goodbye to your loved ones”.

9. Finally getting to co-op with your friends on that game you’ve been begging them to play all year

And looking like a superstar while they and all the other new-purchasers are still learning the ropes

A game where I win, and you marvel at my sweet skills.10.

10. Waiting until the last day of the sale to buy that big title

Praying that it’ll be the day that it goes 75% off

I’m ready for a miracle.

What are the reasons you love the Summer Sale? Let us know in the comments below.

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