By T. Mack

Kingsman: The Secret Service was arguably one of the best spy movies to grace theaters in recent years. Uproariously funny and ridiculously violent, the film surprised audiences by being more than good and so much better than they’d expected. I, personally, saw it twice during opening weekend. That’s right; twice! Once just wasn’t enough. And I wasn’t the only person to react this way.

After opening, Kingsman quickly created a devoted fan base that wanted more and immediately began requesting a sequel. The film’s warm reception and box office gross of more than $400 million basically assured the fans would get their wish. The only downfall was that the movie’s director, Matthew Vaughn, is notorious for working on projects only once, then walking away. He has said before that he prefers to work on new material rather than “the same old thing.” Because of this, he never seems to stick around for sequels.

However, there is now a reason for fans of Kingsman to celebrate. Matthew Vaughn has confirmed that he is currently working on the script for Kingsman 2 and plans to direct the sequel as well. Yay! Let’s hope that he can make magic happen twice and create a consistent new movie franchise for us to love for years to come.

Did you see Kingsman: The Secret Service? Are you excited that a sequel is coming? Are you hoping Colin Firth will return? Let us know in the comments.

One thought on “Geek News: ‘KINGSMAN 2’ IS IN THE WORKS

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