By T. Mack

There’s more to come, Pitches! Pitch Perfect, the modest little 2012 film about a group of singing college girls became a sleeper hit and earned nearly $100 million more than it cost to make ($115.4 million earned compared to a budget of $17 million). So naturally, there was a sequel. Last month, Pitch Perfect 2 hit theaters and has stayed in a power position at the box offices ever since. In the first five days after the film premiered, it had brought in more than $250 million (from a $29 million budget), completely outpacing the original.

Such success in our current Hollywood climate cannot, will not, must not be laid to rest or left unexploited. Because of this, Pitch Perfect 3 has been confirmed. The Hollywood Reporter gave the exclusive scoop on the upcoming film, which is a sure thing but still short on details. We do know that Universal and Gold Circle have secured Kay Cannon, who penned the first two movies, to write the third. Aside from that, there’s not much to know right now. We’re not sure where the Bellas will be headed next time around. And there is no word yet on who will return.

It’s a good bet that Hailee Steinfeld (Emily) will be back as she was the only current Bella left standing at the end of the last film and her character seems to have been created for just such a situation as this. No doubt many will want to see Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson back again, however that could get pretty pricey. THR reports that both women received $2 million for the sequel compared to the $100,000 they saw for the first film. You have to wonder if it will be worth the money to shoe-horn them back into a film where they don’t really fit or if funds would be better spent to develop a whole new Bella batch that will kick ass in its own way. Only time will tell. In the meantime, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for all the latest news on our beloved Barden Bellas and get it to you right here on Sister Geeks.

Did you see Pitch Perfect 2? Did you think it deserved another film? Are you excited about the third movie? Do you hope Beca and Fat Amy will return? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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