By T. Mack

<Sigh> Here we go again. Anther thing we love is getting a remake we don’t need and didn’t ask for. The Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that a remake of Sister Act is in the works by Disney. The 1992 film starred Whoopi Goldberg as a Las Vegas lounge singer who must go into witness protection posing as a nun. Much hilarity ensues. In the 1993 sequel, Sister Act: Back in the Habit (see what they did there?), Whoopi Goldberg and her troop of holy friends are joined by a very young Lauren Hill and her magic pipes. The films inspired a Broadway musical.

Fast forward 12 years. Disney has made the amazing discovery that they don’t have to come up with any new ideas or waste precious time and energy being creative. All they have to do is reuse, renew and recycle their material that was successful decades ago. A bit of simple repackaging to make the material look new and shiny and the company just sits back and waits for the people to make it rain dollar bills.

Recently, while the people who used to come up with original thoughts and ideas were pursuing their new goals of diving into the Disney vault as if they were Scrooge McDuck diving into his giant mounds of money (Duck Tales reference), they came across the gem that is Sister Act. Now, there will be a remake. <Sigh again>

Please do not misunderstand me. I love the Sister Act franchise. The movies were hilarious. And I will likely be among those in the theater opening weekend to see this new re-imagining of the film. It’s just that it’s really starting to feel like it’s a small miracle when a movie or television show isn’t just a different version of a story we’ve been told before that had the same exact name last time.

I’ve done the reading and research. I know that there are arguably only about seven types of stories that exist in the world. That book is actually on my shelf. So I realize that every movie or television show is a retelling of many others. I am aware that nothing in Hollywood or coming out of it has been totally original since before films had sound. But look around! EVERYTHING seems to be a remake, re-imagining or reboot these days. If it’s not that, then it’s a sequel (or the fourth movie in a series retelling the story contained in only three books).

I enjoy a quality franchise as much as the next person (shout-out to the Marvel Movie Universe). And I appreciate good things coming back to us (yay for season 5 of Arrested Development coming next summer). I just have a concern about how much regurgitation we’re being fed these days and I’m starting to wonder just how much longer I’ll be able to accept it all.

Are you excited for a remake of Sister Act? Do you love all the remakes/reboots/renewals coming to movies and TV? Do you think Hollywood has truly exhausted all the good ideas or are they simply lazy? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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