10 Reasons We Love… THE TENTH DOCTOR

By Jen P

1. He’s so Geek-Dreamy. Amiright?


2. He learned how to love, in the romantic sense.


3. The ladies couldn’t help but love him, except Donna.


Which leads me to my next point…

4. He had unforgettable companions!


5. He even had a baby girl. Well, not so much a baby as a smokin’ hot female clone.


6. I’m diggin’ those threads, bro.


7. And that hair! ADORBZ!


8. How ‘bout them villains? Weeping angels gave me nightmares for weeks.


9. Although his extra hand was kinda creepy too…

doctor who hand

10. I don’t care! You’re still the cutest, sweetest doctor I’ve ever known.


Later Geeks!

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