By T. Mack

Suicide Squad is currently filming in Canada with the movie set to premier in August of 2016. Last week, photos were captured and released of the Batmobile winding its way through the streets of Toronto, where the movie is being filmed. Speculation immediately began stirring that Batman might be making an appearance in the movie. Now, that news has all but been confirmed. Am I the only one not particularly excited about it? 

It’s no secret that I am a huge Harley Quinn fan and have been since she first arrived in Batman: The Animated Series back in the 90’s. Unlike most popular comic book characters, Harley didn’t get her start in the pages. Instead, she was an addition to the television series that was so wonderful and so heavily embraced by fans that she was then transferred to the comic books and became a mainstay. In the years since then, Harley has grown to have numerous comic book series of her own and become one of the most popular aspects of the team of villains known as The Suicide Squad.

Because of my Harley love, I was really excited when the Suicide Squad movie was announced. When all the character photos came out and people began groaning, I kept the faith and maintained my level of excitement. Now this Batman news has hit and I’m less than thrilled. There are several reasons why. First, I’m still not convinced that Ben Affleck as Batman is a good move. Second, the Superman vs Batman trailer did nothing to appease my worry. But I didn’t dwell too much on it because if he messed up the Superman movie, it’s no real skin off my nose. HOWEVER, now he’s frakking with my Harley Quinn obsession and it’s not okay with me.

I anticipate that there is a very, very tiny window of opportunity to have the appearance of Bats in this film be a good thing. And I just don’t trust DC to hit that mark. I feel they will be inclined to feature the character much more heavily than they should, which will mean that he will overshadow and overpower the characters that should be the true focus of the film. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe DC will start getting things right in the coming year. But honestly, I’ll have to see it to believe it.

What do you think? Is Affleck going to be a good Batman? Do you think Batman is needed in Suicide Squad to bring the audiences to theaters? Do you believe he will overshadow the movie’s main characters? Do you trust DC to get any of their upcoming movies right? Do you believe they’re learning good lessons from the Marvel Movie Universe or do you think they’re napping in the back row of the class and will likely fail to make the grade? Let me know in the comments. 

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