By T. Mack

Alan Moore referred to the concept of his 1999 comic series, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, as “the Justice League in Victorian Times.” With comic book and superhero movies and television at an all-time success high, it makes sense that someone might try to turn Moore’s concept into a new money machine. The only problem is that it’s been tried before… twice. And both times, the failure has been epic.

In 2003, Twentieth Century Fox released a movie based on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The film had the same name and like the comics, followed a group of legendary literary characters including Captain Nemo, Dr. Jekyll, Allan Quartermain and Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man as they went up against literary villains. The movie was so panned by critics and poorly received by audiences that it literally–not figuratively, but actually literally–caused legendary actor of screen and stage, Sean Connery, to retire. He has not acted in the twelve years since the film was released.

Two years ago, FOX thought to attempt a television show based on the material. The pilot wasn’t picked up, however, and the rights to the comic series went back into the vault.

FOX has now decided that the third time’s a charm and has begun developing a reboot of the film franchise. The new movie will completely ignore the 2003 misstep and start from scratch. Let’s hope that the studio has learned from its own mistakes as well as the positive lessons to be gleaned from some of today’s successful superhero franchises.

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Did you see the 2003 film? Did you think it was that bad? Have you read Alan Moore’s comic book series? Do you think FOX can make things work this time around. Sound off in the comments.

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