Geek News: “SUPERGIRL” PILOT LEAKED (and I totally did not watch it then write a review into this article)

By T. Mack

supergirlThe highly anticipated series, Supergirl, is coming to CBS this Fall. Yet, somehow, a full-length, high-resolution copy of the pilot episode hit torrent sites last week, a full six months before it is set to premier. The copy was a surprise to the sites and is conspicuously missing any watermarks or notices that it is only for review purposes. This has led some people to suspect that CBS intentionally leaked the episode in order to build more hype and anticipation about the series. The world may never know.

However, since the episode is out there, some have chosen to take advantage of the opportunity and preview the pilot half a year before it’s premier date. I’m not one of those people. Of course. I mean, why would I risk fines and incarceration on charges of copyright infringement and pirating just to watch a un-commercial-interrupted, HD episode of a show that’s totally going to be completely legal on TV anyway just six short months from now? I mean, that would be so stupid. Which is why I didn’t do it. Obviously.

If I had done something like that, though, it might be interesting to consider what I might say about said episode. I mean, I would probably want to talk about the solid acting from not only the lead actress, Melissa Benoist (formerly of GLEE), who plays the titular character, but also from her entire supporting cast. I might mention how Benoist creates a vulnerability for the character that draws you in and makes you completely relate to her. I could possibly talk about Chyler Leigh, who plays Kara’s sister, Alex, and Jeremy Jordan, who plays her stuck-in-the-friend-zone best friend, Winn, and how they both create a network of support for Kara that you want to see more of. I would definitely mention hottie mchottie, Mehcad Brooks, whose acting is good, but who I honestly like most because he’s so, so pretty to look at. Mmmm.

If I’d done something crazy like watch that pilot, I might be inclined to mention that I totally “squeeeed” when Dean Cain appeared on screen because I loved him so hard as Superman back in the day (Lois & Clark, 1993-1997). Also, I would possibly talk about some random tidbits like the fact that despite the preview’s heavy focus on it, the entire episode doesn’t have a Devil Wears Prada feel. Just like 45% of it. Also, it’s likely I might mention that while I appreciate them setting up the entire season for me, I might be concerned that if they are not careful, the show could quickly and easily deteriorate into a freak-of-the-week pattern, which no one wants and everyone hates. Just ask the second season of Dark Angel. Of course, I also could mention how every character in the entire episode did verbal back flips to keep from saying “Superman,” “Clark Kent” or “Kal-El.” It was actually funny… Or it would have been if I’d watch the episode… Which I totally didn’t!

Rating: 3.5 SHIELDS (I’m guessing, of course, seeing as how I did NOT watch the illegal download of this show.)

3.5 SG Shields

This has been another article of Geek News. It has NOT been a review of the leaked episode of Supergirl, which premiers on CBS this Fall. So…

Are you excited about Super Girl? Do you think the leak was a publicity stun orchestrated by CBS? Did you not watch the pilot episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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