EMERALD CITY: Another New Show Coming this Fall

By: Dani


The Wizard of Oz is getting yet another remake in the form of a new show on NBC. This show already has a rich history. Before it was announced earlier this month for next season, the show had already been nixed and revived…NBC ordered another 10-episode series of the show (now with David Schulner at the helm) after killing the first order. The show’s premise stays close to that of the classic movie…in the beginning, at least. A tornado sweeps away 20-yr old Dorothy Gale and her K-9 police dog to another world. A world full of magic, witches, battles for power, and creatures of darkness. Unlike the movie, the show will put a dark spin on the Land of Oz, and Dorothy will not be so helpless. Her character is actually described as a Warrior, which will be a nice deviation from the original.

As someone that has never been a fan of the Wizard of Oz, I have to say that I am looking forward to this small-screen adaptation. But I also have my doubts. This story has been remade many times, none of which have ever replicated even a hint of the original’s success. And I haven’t enjoyed any of them. But maybe I am biased. That’s why I am looking forward to what seems like a fresh spin on such a classic tale. I am desperate to find some form of The Wizard of Oz that I actually enjoy!

Will you watch Emerald City when it hits screens later this year? What are you most excited to see from this newest offering on the topic of Oz? Let us know in the comments.

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