By T. Mack

Jaden Smith (After Earth) is confirmed and unconfirmed as being cast as Static Shock for a web series about the superhero. A few months ago, Warner Bros Studios introduced  a digital content division called Blue Ribbon Content. At the time, one of the titles listed in development was a web series about Static Shock, a black teenage superhero who gains his powers through a chemical accident during a gang war. Rumors circulated at the time that Jaden Smith would play the role. No further word on the series or Smith’s casting meant the news was soon all but forgotten.

During a recent interview, however, actor Taylor James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris) seemed to confirm that Jaden would be playing the role. Warner Bros has yet to respond or confirm the information. Some people are considering Williams’ statement as confirmation of the casting. Others are awaiting a statement or announcement from the studio. I fall into the latter camp. And frankly, I’m also in what I imagine is a minority of people who are not totally convinced that Smith would be the best choice for the role.

What about you? Would you be excited to see a Static Shock web series? Do you think Jaden Smith would be the right choice for the role? Let us know in the comments.

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