A Treat

 By T. Mack


Image Credit: BEN WATTS for EW

Entertainment Weekly has offered up Chris Pratt as eye candy for the summer calendar in their annual Must List issue. So can we just talk about this sexy, lovable, funny man for a second? He’s been adorably cute for years, but recently became uber-hot and chiseled then turned into an action hero. He is still super hilarious,which means he brings the adrenaline and the laughs. He loves, loves, LOVES and openly gushes over his wife, Anna Faris (Mom, CBS). This is, of course, both disheartening because he’s taken and wonderful because it’s so darned romantic. There’s more, but why keep reading when we can just gaze longingly at his gorgeous face and that hella-sexy 5-o’clock shadow. Mmmm Mmmm…..



 Check out all these EW Must List issue photos right here.

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