LIMITLESS: Another New Show Coming This Fall

By T. Mack

In 2011, Bradley Cooper starred in Limitless, a film about a man who discovers a drug called NTZ which allows access to 100% of brain power* and makes a person’s abilities nearly–you guessed it–limitless. The film was a pretty good time and getting to stare at Bradley Cooper for two hours just made it  that much better. Now, Cooper will reprise his role (in a recurring capacity) and act as producer on a new television series based on the movie. The show will premier this Fall on CBS and pick up after the events of the film. Check out the preview for the new series below.

Have you seen the Limitless movie? Are you excited about the new show? Tell us what you think of the preview in the comments below.

*I absolutely have to note the fact that the whole thing about people using only 10% of the brain has been disproved as complete garbage. We’ve come to know a lot about how the human brain works, including knowing that it does not retain all the information that NTZ supposedly allows people to access. Our brains filter the information that comes into our minds from the world around us and periodically–like daily–deletes pieces of information we don’t need or use.

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