By: T. Mack, a website dedicated to female-centric geekdom–kind of like–has issued an announcement that they will no longer be promoting HBO’s Game of Thrones. The declaration went out this past Monday that the website has opted to discontinue offering support to the program due to its use and depiction of graphic sexual violence toward women. 

The HBO show, based on A Song of Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin, is known for showing graphic sex and violence. It is part of what draws so many to watch the program. These viewers continue to return week after week, year after year, even when they continue to be heartbroken over the deaths of some of their favorite characters. However, not everyone is okay with much of what Game of Thrones brings to the screen.

According to the article written by Jill Pantozzi, the site’s Editor in Chief, this is not the first time the TMS staff has discussed taking this action. Last year, a sex scene between two characters spawned a discussion regarding whether or not the actions shown on screen could or should be interpreted as consensual by both parties. Although many employees of the site decided at that point or had decided previous to that to stop watching the show, the divide between the group ended with the decision that the staff would continue to watch the show and report news of the program on the site.

However, the recent airing Season 5’s episode “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” brought the issues up again about the depiction of mistreatment toward women. This time, the staff and its leaders have had enough. Pantozzi writes,

After the episode ended, I was gutted. I felt sick to my stomach. And then I was angry. My next thought was, “I’m going to have to spend part of the next six months explaining why this was a bad move over and over.”

The article explains in detail the justification behind the decision and the reason the TMS staff felt it was so important to make it. Read Pantozzi’s entire article here.

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