By T. Mack

In 1996, I was a 15-year-old freshman band geek in high school. So naturally, when The Craft hit theaters that year, I loved it. A movie about four outcasts who form a coven and begin using magic to solve their problems, exact revenge and make their lives better. What’s not to love? It made complete sense to me. Plus, Sarah (Robin Tunney), Bonnie (Neve Campbell), Rochelle (Rachel True) and Nancy (Fairuza Balk) seemed like nice enough girls, even if they were a little… let’s go with… cooky quirky off. Even as the story turned darker, I still felt the girls’ perspectives and loved them despite some of their questionable choices. The movie was well-written and well-acted with a solid plot and the sexy, supernatural appeal that was starting to pick up steam about that time. While ticket sales for the film were not spectacular for the time, it managed to become a cult favorite after its release on home video (Yes, I remember when they still released movies on VHS. Yes, it makes me feel a bit old. Whatever!)

Truth be told, I still love this movie and will buy the expensive popcorn to eat while I watch it. With all that said, you can imagine my surprise, delight and wariness at hearing the news that SONY has ordered a remake of the film. Little is known about the timetable for the new film’s production and release. However, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story with the news that up-and-coming female filmmaker, Leigh Janiak, has been recruited to write and direct the movie. Janiak will team up again with Phil Graziadei, who co-wrote her breakout film, Honeymoon. Despite my reservations about remakes and the fact that I never watch horror movies any more, I’m really excited about this news.

Do you remember The Craft? What do you think should stay the same about the remake? What do you think needs to change? Would they do better to bring the movie back as a television series instead? Let us know what you think in the comments.

One thought on “Geek News: THE CRAFT RETURNS

  1. God, I wish they were doing this as a series and not another movie remake. Ugh. I LOVE The Craft. They should just leave it alone! And I usually enjoy remakes of the things I love, I’m just warier than I am excited when you take something that stands alone and defines a generation as well as The Craft does and you try and redo it. A sequel would even be preferable than a remake. It’d be like remaking The Lost Boys. If it ain’t set in the 80’s, I don’t want it!! As for The Craft, 90’s fashion and Fairuza Balk are my musts, and I just don’t see that happening. Do you?


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