By T. Mack


The CW has arguably become the go-to network for getting your superhero jones during prime time.

Yes, Fox has Gotham, but the superhero in that one isn’t anywhere near being super or a hero yet. CBS will bring Supergirl this Fall. And for a while, NBC had Heroes, a show so filled up with supers that it was hard to keep them all straight. But unlike the others, CW has managed to keep a nearly complete, steady stream of superhero success going for well more than a decade now. It started with Smallville, which lasted 10 seasons beginning in 2001 and has kept going all the way to the current Arrow and The Flash. The baby-brother network looks to keep and further secure its dominance in the prime time superhero genre by bringing a new offering this Fall. Legends of Tomorrow will spin off of both Arrow and The Flash and undoubtedly bring us scores more crossover opportunities during the next season. The CW has released the first look at the new show. Check it out below:

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