By T. Mack

It’s making headlines all over. Black Widow is missing from nearly all the Age of Ultron merchandise. And it’s been pointed out that this is not the first time this has happened. Last year, it was hard to find the beautiful, green Gamora on much of the materials showcasing Guardians of the Galaxy, even though she, just like Black Widow, kicks as much butt as her male counterparts. SO not cool, Marvel.

We have to admit, though, that Disney isn’t the only company keeping the sisters down and out of the lime light. Our Sister Geek, Leigh, has had to field questions from her young son about why Skye, the pink-clad female pup from his favorite Nick Jr. show, Paw Patrol, is conspicuously missing from his sheets and pajamas.

“How do I explain sexism to a 4-year-old?” Leigh asks.

While we’ve been irritated and frustrated by the situation, we were coping . Now, though, they’ve spit in our faces and I, for one, have reached the level of pissed off. Hasbro and Mattel have both released toys that relate directly back to a kick-ass Black Widow scene in Age of Ulton. However, they’ve replaced the female character with Captain America and a piss-poor version of Iron Man.

Really, guys? REALLY?! Are you seriously that afraid that someone will call your action figure a doll? Or do you honestly think little boys won’t play with a cool toy or wear a shirt of an entire group of SIX superheroes because there is one completely awesome female in the mix?

This is just sad and ridiculous. I’m embarrassed for you. And angry with you. Get your crap together, please!

Check out the full scoop and see the photos of the amazing injustice of these toys right here at



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