10 Reasons We Love… ROSWELL

By Jen P.


1. First love.

They captured it so well. Heat Wave is one of those episodes I can watch over and over again. Curse you Max Evans for setting my standards so high they were out of this world! (You see what I did there?)

2. The Crashdown Café.

Good food, great atmosphere, cool outfits. Here’s a link to make your own uniform. Have fun, you adorable cosplayers!

3. The soundtrack.

There’s no way you didn’t want to make out with your high school sweetheart when you heard those opening credits- maybe in the band room, or behind the bleachers, or in a Jeep. I still have the CD. Proof:


I’ma listen to that shit right now.

4. So. Much. Angst.

Take a shot every time there’s angst. You’ll have to have your stomach pumped after the first episode

5. The Cast.

So many people came out of this show, and even the ones who didn’t do much afterwards were perfect in their roles. Katherine Heigl got her start here, and so did Colin Hanks. But neither of them is even my favorite. Can you guess who that is? I’ll give you a hint: refer back to number 1.

6. The Drama!

If they weren’t being chased by Sheriff Valenti, ratted out by Kyle, or getting kidnapped by government agents, then it was other freakin’ aliens and things as mundane as fighting with their parents.


I’m pretty sure we covered this with the title, but there were definitely aliens in this show. In case you were wondering.

8. The set.

We’ve got deserts, we’ve got rocks, we’ve got the reservation, we’ve got a crashed space ship, and a high school, and an alien museum. Not to mention, some of the coolest themed parties I’ve ever seen. I still aspire to go to a New Year’s rave like the one in season 3.

9. The hookups.

Liz and Kyle, Liz and Max, Max and Tess, Maria and Michael, Isabel and Alex, Isabel and Jesse. And those were just the ones I remember. There was a constantly rotating cast of young hot Hollywood to keep the lovers on their toes.

10. The Ending.

The fact that the show has one, albeit one that falls just short of a cliffhanger. It could have been better, I’m not gonna lie, but at least there is one. I’m lookin’ at you, DARK ANGEL!

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