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It’s that time of year again when we grab a tissue, hold our breath and wait for the hammer to drop. It’s time for TV show cancellation announcements. And there are definitely going to be some tears shed this time around.

Some shows we already knew about. FOX let us know Utopia was done months ago when they pulled the show off the air before all the episodes had even aired. We knew last fall within just a few weeks of their premiers that Marry Me (ABC), Selfie (NBC) and Bad Judge (NBC) were out, among others. At this point, we’d mostly already forgotten about those anyway. Then there were shows we knew were taking a bow this Spring, including Glee (FOX), Parenthood (NBC), Parks and Recreation (NBC) and Two and a Half Men (CBS).

The networks had some surprises for us, though. Among the disappointed will be fans of Revenge (ABC), Heart of Dixie (the CW), Forever (ABC)  and The Mindy Project (FOX). The latter has some glimmer of hope as talks are in the works for it to be picked up by HULU. Time will tell. American Idol has also finally been given the ax. Season XV, airing in early 2016, will be the very last for the once-undefeatable reality show.

There are still some shows up in the air about whether or not they will return next season. CBS is still on the fence about both their CSI shows as well as both NCIS programs, among many others. NBC has yet to give a verdict on The Voice and FOX has will let us know soon about Hell’s Kitchen.

Never fear, though, dearest Sister Geeks. There is still reason to rejoice. Among shows sticking around for us to obsess over in the 2015-2016 season are Castle (ABC), The Flash (the CW), Arrow (the CW), and The Big Bang Theory (CBS), which has actually been guaranteed for the next two seasons. We can also look forward to more SupernaturalReign and Vampire Diaries from the CW as well as Sleepy Hollow (FOX), Scorpion (CBS), Grimm (NBC), Once Upon a Time (ABC), Marvel’s Agent Carter (ABC) and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC).

See the full list of cancelled, returning and in limbo shows right here.

What shows did you lose this season? Which ones do you think should have been gone sooner? What are you excited about for next season? Let us know in the comments below. 

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