A Treat!

By T. Mack

Breathe, girls. Just… breathe. Ooooooooooh, goodness!

Recently as part of our first Sister Geeks Vlog, we had a conversation about half-naked Chris Hemsworth because, well, why wouldn’t we? It’s half-naked Chris Hemsworth. YUMMY!

With that in mind, I give you this trailer, which may have you hearkening back to movies of your childhood if you go back and watch the entire thing. However, that’s not really the point right now. The reason I’ve placed it here is because there is a special treat specifically for the GROWN WOMAN in you around time marker 1:57, where it will pick up below.


**This is only for the LADIES. The trailer is for mature audiences and not suitable for work.**

Now that that’s cleared up… Enjoy!

You’re welcome.

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