by Dani


1. Buffy represents the ultimate in girl power.

Badass is an understatement. Buffy was staking vampires and taking out the Big Bad all while looking amazing!


2. Witty banter between a show’s characters has never been better.

The writing for “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” was superb. Seriously, just watch any episode and you’ll be a believer.


3. The vampires are true vampires!!

I cannot even tell you what a big deal this is to me. Vampires are evil (with the exception of vamps with souls), sunlight kills them (THERE IS NO SPARKLING!!), and they die via decapitation, sunlight/fire, or a wooden stake through the heart.


4. None of the characters were perfect.

They all had issues they wrestled with, whether it was Buffy dealing with her forbidden love, Xander trying to figure out his contribution to the Scoobies, or Willow dealing with the loss of Tara.


5. The characters were likeable and relatable.

So much so that fans fully invested in them. Most of us identified with one character while wishing we were like another. (FYI, I identified with Willow but wished I had Cordelia’s confidence and Buffy’s skills!) When they were going through issues, we were going through issues. When they were happy, we were happy. And when they were kicking ass, we were kicking ass…at least, we liked to think we were.


6. Buffy gave us Angel.

Angel was and still is our brooding, lovable, hot, soulful vampire. He also brought along Angelus, our bad boy, evil, funny, hot, soulless vampire. Both added to the show immensely.


7. Buffy gave us Cordelia Chase.

She was Queen of the Cordettes. HBIC. Ruler of the one-line zingers. And the character that had the biggest transformation throughout the course of “Buffy” and “Angel.” Hint: In case you couldn’t tell, Angel and Cordy are my faves!


8. Buffy and Angel’s love was one for the ages.

Forbidden love, a moment of pure happiness, chaos and evil follows, Buffy kills Angel, Angel returns from his Hell dimension, and ultimately, Angel has to walk away. And throughout the entire ordeal, their love stands true. (And this is coming from an Angel-Cordy shipper!)


9. “Once more, with feeling” & “Hush”

These are two of the best episodes of any show I have seen. “Hush” scared the bejeezus out of all of us and “Once more, with feeling” gave a look into another side of the cast members-and we liked it.


10. Finally, the relationship between Buffy, Willow, and Xander was the pinnacle in BFF’s.

They were besties before “besties” was a thing. Although they all went through different phases of life and endured their fair share of ups and downs, their friendship never faltered. In many cases, the friendship is what got them through. It was a joy to watch friends become family. Fans everywhere hoped to have a circle of friends as close as these three.

What are your reasons for loving Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Share them with us below in the comments.

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons We Love… BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

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