10 Reasons We Love… ELIZA DUSHKU

by T. Mack

FotorCreatedElizaDCollage21. She is so, so, very HOT.

Obviously, Eliza Patricia Dushku is a gorgeous woman. She is sexy and classy with just a hint that she could be a little bit dirty. We likey! Eliza is on my list of “famous freebies.” My husband knows. Not surprisingly, he’s okay with it. Normally I don’t have the urge to get down and dirty with ladies, but for this particular woman, I would quickly make an exception. She is beautiful. She is talented. She is fierce and I adore her! Amazingly, though, this is only one of many reasons to love her.

2. She can bring it

In 2000, Kirsten Dunst was a headliner and she headlined in a tiny, miniscule little movie called Bring It On. I’ve never been a huge K.D. fan, but the movie was worth watching because, let’s face it, it was funny. Even those of us who were part of the complete counter-culture to cheerleaders found this movie a secret, guilty pleasure. For me, a significant part of that pleasure came in the form of Eliza. In this movie, just like another one of her most famous roles, she offered a contrast to the perky blonde cheerleader. Still, when it was time to bring it, she did just that. For that reason, this movie and Eliza hold a special place in our hearts.

3. She’s in videogames

Eliza has offered her voice to at least five different video game characters, including Yumi Sawamura in Yakuza, Shaundi in Saints Row 2 and Rubi Malone in Wet. Somehow, this lady manages to be sexy even when you can’t actually see her.


4. She is Faith

Eliza first came to popularity by landing the role of Faith Lehane on the wildly popular television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Eliza was a minor at the time and had to become emancipated to secure the role due to the long working hours. Faith was a terrific juxtaposition to the titular Buffy. Dubbed the “dark slayer,” Faith was just as badass as Buffy, but more tortured and much more willing to bend, break and ignore the rules. Originally planned as a temporary character with only a five-episode arch, Faith eventually became a staple of the entire third season of Buffy, as well as a recurring character in the spin-off, Angel. She would later be a mainstay in the Dark Horse comic book series, Buffy Season 8 and Angel & Faith, which continued the stories of both shows following their stint on air. Eliza turned down her own Buffy spin-off to become Tru Davies in the series, Tru Calling.

5. She is Tru

Tru Calling was another supernatural offering from Eliza. As Tru, she played a young woman working in a morgue who received messages from the dead. Well, really, only one message: “Help me.” The dead would wake up and ask Tru for assistance. Immediately after, her day rewound and she had the chance to relive the hours, find the victim and (hopefully) save a life. The show was well-written had a terrific supporting cast that included a pre-Hangover Zach Galifianakis and a post-90210 Jason Priestly. The show lasted two seasons and they weren’t enough. I have yet to find fan fiction to satisfy the cliff-hanger the show leaves us with. Despite the lack of closure, both seasons of this show are part of my DVD collection and get rotated about once a year.

6. She is Echo

At the end of the noughties, Eliza again teamed up with the phenomenal Joss Whedon for his new amazing show, Dollhouse. Here Eliza was able to really let her talent shine as a young woman who’s personality had been removed from her body. Without her identity, she became a “doll” who was able to be uploaded with different personae for customers willing to pay lots and lots of money for the privilege of having her be whoever they wanted.  Like Tru Calling, Dollhouse didn’t last nearly long enough. Fox–in their usual clueless fashion–cut the show short after just two seasons. Fortunately, Joss Whedon is a genius who plans ahead and was able to give closure to the audience. This complete series also graces my shelves.


7. She is a musician and a dancer

Unlike her Bring it On costars, Eliza was not a cheerleader in high school. She has other talents, though. She has studied piano, drums and several different styles of dance including jazz, tap and ballet.

8. She is an activist

Eliza has served on the board of directors for The Trauma Healing and Reflection Center in Gulu organization (THRIVEGulu), which is dedicated to helping the survivors of war (including former child soldiers) in Northern Uganda.


9. She knows American Sign Language

Eliza grew up working with the Watertown Children’s Theatre in Watertown, Ma. She has been known to appear on stage as an interpreter for the deaf.

10. She is a badass business woman and CEO of her own company

Eliza is the founder and CEO of Boston Diva Productions, which she created in 2007. It was one of three production companies responsible for bringing us the great and wonderful Dollhouse.

Eliza-Dushku-CelebHealthy_comI said it before. I’ll say it again. This lady is fierce, talented and beautiful (inside and out). If you didn’t love her before, you’d be crazy not to now.

Do you love Eliza Dushku? What reasons did I miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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